Goji Berry Germination

An experiment on germinating Goji berries (Wolf berry) from sun dried goji berry pods from Ning Xia. I learned about the germination method on internet and w…
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Acid is for Batteries, Not for Healthy People. Dr. Victor A. Marcial-Vega Renowned Oncologist and Medical Researcher–John Hopkins trained. Clinical Study of…

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  1. Wats Doug says:

    Market place a show from Canada proved that the Goji berry is a total scam it does not do anything at all to improve health

  2. Chris Wilk says:

    So, how are they doing?? Where is the next #2 video?? Waiting!

  3. Ada901000 says:

    ja som si objednala semienka a uz mi zacali klicit :D

  4. Athena Chase says:

    This method worked like a charm- my goji are doing great! Thank you for posting =)

  5. bogdan bogdan says:

    did your goji’s alive ?

  6. Cristian Limbutu says:

    and what hapend whit the Goji berry germination.
    how did turn?
    they have grown up?

  7. rrey0456 says:

    Great soundtrack towards the end

  8. bastiaanbais says:

    Hi Milan, you are right. I had the same result. Some of the fruits started to develop fungus. Which is not abnormal, as in nature the seeds are not supposed to germinate anywhere near the fruit. The seeds normally get separated from the fruit with help of birds intestines… :)

  9. Milan Kosir says:

    “What better worked was taking out the seeds, soak them a couple of hours in rain water and put them all on some jiffies.”
    Could you write something more about this method, please!

  10. Ahmad Noor Haqimi says:

    ill have this plant soon…

  11. Zach Azeez says:

    Our company sells a product with Goji in it, so we would have a lot to gain by touting this video, however, I the founder have enough background in biology, anatomy, and training in live blood cell analysis to say there are too many assumptions and wrong concepts for this video to be considered truthful and accurate. Goji is great, but I can’t stand misleading bad science.

  12. Zach Azeez says:

    1st, if your blood slips from a narrow pH range you die. In that narrow pH range your body adjusts for acidity by getting rid of CO2 via exhalation. 2nd there are too many assumptions about what things are in the camera. Many of those things could have been imperfections in the slide glass. 3rd where air hits the blood on the slide you get coagulation, you can’t tell from this video whether all of the blood is coagulated or he just found a patch damaged in the sampling.

  13. nomparfait says:

    Chinese mkts (not organic but better price) & some natural food/ health food stores (organic) carry them. I don’t know where in PA u live, but if not too far from DE, Wang’s Oriental Mkt OR Newark Natural Foods Co-op (awsome selection of healthy stuff packed into a little store & VERY helpful staff) in Newark Delaware is where I get mine. I just started growing them, but it takes about 3 yrs before u get any berries. Good Luck in your quest!

  14. foxbow90 says:

    hahaha this is so fake :’)

  15. Krista Richardson says:

    THANK YOU for growing goji!! I am sharing info about your company with others who can benefit from this AMAZING SUPER FOOD! You are doing great things!! Again, thank you so much!!

  16. Kenneth Demick says:

    You can now look at lgdfarms.com for Goji. Fastest Growing Goji Farm in USA

  17. Colin Heim says:

    care to explain why?

  18. Luz Marina Castillo Zalamanca says:

    quero espa

  19. Jayanth Devasundaram says:

    ROFL! Without divulging what sort of blood smear prep this is, its impossible to compare A with B! Clumped red cells do not normally show up inthe blood stream, neither do bacteriae!

  20. Gladys Foster says:

    Thanks for this, very informational, I’ll start eating Goji.

  21. Gladys Foster says:

    Sidown der

  22. thesuperlier says:

    anyone who knows the basics of biology should see that this is a lot of horse manuer

  23. SharmanLtd says:

    yes. because coffee is very acidic. you need alkaline blood! you can do it by squeezing lemon juice in some water works a treat. research it

  24. Lokendra Bam says:

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  25. charles sedillo says:

    I have high acidity, and have just started taking Goji pure and am already feeling better.

  26. medinalba says:

    upss sorry I answered you on top comment. Thank you for the info.

  27. medinalba says:

    thank you for the information. I will like to know if possible a place to get it. In the area I live PA I couldn’t find it. I will try google nurseries to see if I can get it. Thanks a million.

  28. drivenfortruth says:

    I bought the plant at a local nursery, it was 1 foot and hasn’t grown very much so far. Hopefully it grows more next season. It’s zone 3, cold hardiness -40 to -34 celcius.

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